Thursday, February 5, 2009

Luxury Liner

We had heard that the weekend before was fraught with people and heavy rains. Over the phone Norman said that the cfs's were at elevated levels, dangerous levels. To me, cfs's (cubic feet per second), were such an arbitrary measerment. Cause how could a man standing above the calm of an eddy measure the muscle of the river above? How does a city kid comprehend cubic feet per second other than with loose language foul to most? The rising cfs's, however nieve we were, flooded access roads and caused evacuation of several canoe parties. Family and friends watching the floods on tv warned against us going. "Don't worry about it" Norman said. "One way or another you'll be canoeing the Allagash." The weather proved gorgeous. More than any mid September canoer could ask the troposhere for.

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