Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last Tramp for Tea

When the cold cuts a bleed from the skin, theres no better liquor than the crunch of snow under snowshoe, bundled and wrapped. The faint flirt of sun fondling eyelids and the hoof of late winter stomping plumes from your throat. Nothing seems more fitting than a cup of tea under it's thawing thumb. Cutting trail, shoveling camp, carving kitchen from snow above the silence of ice edging into river and the creek of tree leaning into the swing of a warm hammock.


Northland said...

Nice images! Do you often use a hammock for winter camping?

Rick Beaty said...

I have only a handful of times, but I must say, i have certainly enjoyed the experience. With the right gear its quite a comfortable way to experience the wilderness. If you havent, try it, you'll love it.

theres some good vids by Shug Emery on youtube about it

Michelle said...

Good stuff! Keep up the good work on posts like this one.......I enjoyed it.