Sunday, July 17, 2011


There's something Inspector gadget-like in pulling a fully capable class IV boat from your backpack...or even more -your noisy muddy pannier a craft capable of your 35lb pack AND your bike! The infamous Alpacka Raft has quickly become the most versatile paddle craft available. Your first time, blinds all others-it becomes impossible to forget the absolute and incredible fun packrafting in rapids alone can be, forget it's utility. It's like taking a recliner down a river only this lazy-boy carrys your food, your bed, your shelter and has room enough after all that -for a beer nestled between your feet.


Ken Grondell said...

This looks like A LOT of fun. I only wish you had written a bit about your trip. I enjoy biking and paddler sports so doing a river tour with my bike seems like a damn fine idea.

rick said...

Ill add some prose at some point, I always seem to come back to a post after some time has passed. thanks for the comment. You should try it! Its totally fun!